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Quokka Brew Internship Portfolio

These are the designs I worked on during my time as a Design Intern for Quokka Brew. The designs were used for their social media, email, and SMS campaigns to boost not only social media engagement and sales but also promote the sale of Quokka Brew dad hats.

Screenshot 2022-08-18 at 4.21.04 PM.png

Project 1: Quokka Brew Dad Hats

For my first assignment, I was tasked with creating an email, graphic campaign for TypeForm, and two Instagram story post graphics for the launch of Quokka Brew's Dad Hats merchandise. The customers voted on which one they liked the best because while this was one of the most requested merchandise items (for the past two years through in-person marketing and email outreach), the company was unsure of which colour to move forward with in order to maximise sales.

The primary target was Generation Z college students and post-graduation adults who often interact with the brand through Instagram. The age range of this group spans from 18 to 24 years old, and encompasses all genders. Most of the consumers are located in California and attend college on the coast. While Quokka Brew coffees are available to purchase in stores in college communities and on campus, most revenue comes from online sales and monthly subscriptions. This product was sold only online with a limited quantity available and no restocking.

One of the main communication goals of this campaign was to ensure that customers understood that Quokka Brew was not launching four different hat designs, but that they were allowing them to vote on which design they liked best (and subsequently would be most likely to purchase).

The desired tones of this campaign were fun, friendly, and adventurous. Dad hats are meant to dress up or down outfits, and are a fun accessory to own and can enhance one's personality through their outfit. I myself own several featuring various companies, vacation spots, and favorite movies of mine. The design of this voting campaign needed to reflect the fun nature of the product and Quokka Brew's brand.


The two Instagram Story posts consisted of one for announcing the customer-driven merchandise launch, and another with a poll button featuring the four options. The use of playful colours was encouraged but could not detract from the focal point — the four Dad hat options being voted on. Quokka Brew's main colours are orange and blue with accent colours being tan and brown. These colour options reflect the packaging of Quokka Brew coffee cans.

Part of the challenge was making the Quokka Brew logo appear embroidered on the hats. I had no previous experience with this, but thanks to the help of YouTube and trial & error, I was able to successfully make the hats look realistically embroidered using tools and actions in Photoshop.

Once the results of the poll were tallied, I designed an Instagram post graphic featuring the winning hat to be used not only on the Instagram feed but also in email and SMS campaigns as well. While my final design was not used, it is similar to the one posted.

Project 2: Instagram Post

For my last assignment with Quokka Brew, I was tasked with first creating a moodboard for a specific type of Instagram post, and then an actual post graphic featuring Quokka Brew's product. I chose to focus on Product Photography, as I had not had much experience with those types of posts. After creating the mood board and receiving feedback as to which images spoke the most to the Creative Director, I created three different Instagram Feed posts in Adobe Illustrator and submitted them. The mood board (created on Pinterest) and the graphics are featured below.

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