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Social Media

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Cal Poly University Store

I currently run the University Bookstore's Instagram and Facebook page through my job at the Cal Poly Corporation. I hand pick products to feature and reach out to students and supporters wearing Cal Poly gear to showcase.

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Center for Leadership

I helped manage the Cal Poly's Center for Leadership's Instagram page by managing take-overs, advertising the certifications we offer each quarter for students, and kept our followers engaged through showcasing current campus events on our story.

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Quokka Brew

During Summer 2022, I interned for Quokka Brew, a start-up cold brew coffee company. Through this internship I learned marketing techniques for consumer products and improved my Adobe Creative Cloud suite skills.

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Healthi Snax

I created a line of healthy snack products for my GRC 347 class using Adobe Illustrator and Dimension. While physical prototypes were not made, I learned a lot about product design and brand consistency.

Softly Dryer Sheets

My group reimagined the typical paperboard dryer sheet packaging into a plastic pouch with a resealable flap and hook for hanging on laundry baskets for our Plastic Packaging class.

SeaBreeze Cupcakes

With my Phoenix Challenge team, we created new packaging for a local cupcake bakery including a container for 2 cupcakes, labels, and a giftset box of 3 different extracts. The Cal Poly team won first place in the 2022 Phoenix Challenge competition!

Web Design

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Morning to Night

I created a website for a fictitious coffee & alcohol bar using
Adobe Dreamweaver for my GRC 338 class. It is coded in HTML and CSS and is responsive to different screen sizes.

Bighorn Institute

I created a website for the Bighorn Institute of the Coachella Valley (using Wix) to keep their donors in the loop with the work they are doing to save the native Bighorn species.

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Data Portfolio

This website was created for my GRC 404 class to showcase the different data projects we completed in lab. We utilised Excel, Tableau, and Google Analytics for our projects.

Ice Cream Packaging

I wrote a research paper for my GRC 204 class on the Market Share and Trends for Sustainable Plastic Packaging for Ice Cream Containers.


Image by Daniel Norin
Cannabis Typography

I complied articles about trends in cannabis packaging and typography for my GRC 318 class and designed an article combining beautiful typography and imagery.

Analysing data
Data Gathering Tools

I researched four data gathering tools used in the sales industry, comparing their features and benefits, for BUS 348. Using the information I gathered, I presented recommendations.

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